Workday and Slack: Building Integrations for Our Shared Customers [BLOG]

Today, we are announcing a unique partnership with Slack that is driven by our mission to continually place people at the center of the enterprise.
Consider this: Both Slack and Workday want to meet people where they are—helping them connect and get things done in the most intuitive way possible. What’s more, we both want to offer our customers a smarter, richer, and more efficient way to work. As cloud-native companies, our partnership offers a unique opportunity to turn collaboration and connection into better business outcomes for our customers.
We’re at an inflection point in enterprise software. The way we work is undergoing a profound change, driven by the increasing rise of messaging over email, a move toward best-of-breed solutions, and a change in cultural work norms. While work is becoming more transparent and collaborative, teams are more distributed than ever. In light of these changes, Workday and Slack are playing a central role in shaping the future of work by offering a smarter, richer, more efficient way to get things done.
Together we can empower people to work more intuitively and with less friction to more simply get things done at work.
For customers, this strategic partnership means they will be able to engage Workday from within the Slack interface for contextual and actionable data to complete tasks. Initially, employees will be able to interact with Workday through conversational language to gain access to co-worker information, provide anytime feedback to a colleague, or request time off, all without having to leave Slack.
Over time, we will add additional capabilities from across the Workday application suite. As these new capabilities are added, customers using the Workday/Slack integration will automatically receive these updates, further enhancing what users will be able to do directly within Slack.
We believe that the integration of Workday and Slack will be a game changer in terms of empowering employees. Employees will be able to engage with HR in a way they haven’t been able to before. Without having to move to another application, they will be able to resolve many of their questions and issues in an intuitive and familiar way. Slack and Workday are tools people enjoy using and derive significant daily value from. As a result, together we can empower people to work more intuitively and with less friction to more simply get things done at work.
Innovation has always been one of our core values here at Workday, and embracing an open mindset and collaboration wherever it makes sense for the good of customers. We believe that the future belongs to the companies that focus on “we”—and our partners like Slack are incredibly important in helping our customers maximize the value of their Workday investments.

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